Essay: Effective Assessment Practices Paper and Presentation

Essay: Effective Assessment Practices Paper and Presentation

Assessment is very important to any organization because it enables the management determine whether the set goals are realized or not. By comparing the set goals with the actual, the difference is determined and the corrective action taken. An effective assessment is one that ensures that all the assessed individuals have a received a fair assessment, without biasness and thus the realized results are accurate and reliable. On the other hand, an effective assessment is one that is biased and thus yields unreliable results since the methods applied are not fair.

Once a male teacher forms a romantic relationship with a female student, the assessment method used is never effective. The teacher does all he could so that he may please the female student and for that matter, he will never fail her in the exams. Further, if there are other female students who have declined such prepositions will receive a very harsh assessment. The rubrics will never favor them since the teacher will make sure that he punishes them by failing time in the exams. The teacher may even go further to leaking the exam to the female student he is having a relationship with so that she will be able to pass the exams even if the correct marking criteria is applied.

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